Watch these habits if you want to be a millionaire

Watch these habits if you want to be a millionaire or else you will stay in the rat race for the longest of paycheck to paycheck

Every day people have bad habits that get in the way of being millionaires and abandoning them will give them leverage in the desire of being millionaires. 

After all, becoming a millionaire is not as far from reality an idea as you think, most people desire to be.

The following habits are what stop you from becoming a millionaire.

  1. Sleeping when you shouldn’t
  2. Neglecting your health
  3. Don’t read
  4. Rely on a single source of income
  5. Not setting a budget
  6. Don’t think ahead
  7. Not paying attention to small expenses
  8. Dating the wrong people
  9. Postpone
  10. Drink and gamble
  11. Watching too much TV
  12. Not finding a mentor
  13. Stay in your comfort zone
  14. Don’t ask questions
  15. Being consumed by failure
  16. Not setting daily goals
  17. Thinking negatively
  18. Don’t save
  19. Make excuses
  20. Failure to follow the 70/30 rule

While these habits are common for everyday people, they are the reason why everyone is damn poor.

For example, if you sleep every day from 10 pm and wake up at 7 am to go to work, the storm is against you.

It’s easy to break free of this by sleeping at 9 pm and waking up at 4 am or 5 am, this puts you technically ahead of others.

With people nowadays using social media for basically everything, reading is very important if you want to be among the millionaires.

It is also important that start looking into starting a side hustle the type that your passionate about away from work.

Relying on one source of income is a recipe for disaster.

You will never have enough money to save and invest in alternatives available.

IN addition to looking at your expenses you must develop the habit of having a budget.

It gives you a grip on where your money is going and coming from. 

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