Zeu Secondary School 2020/2021 UCE/UACE Results, Location, and Facilities

Zeu Secondary School is a Ugandan Secondary School in Zombo District, Papoga. It is registered as Government Aided school, by the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES).

The Zeu Secondary School’s Education Management Information System, EMIS code is 9787.

Below are more details about Zeu Secondary School 2020/2021 UCE  and UACE examinations results, current school location, number of students enrolled in the school (population), available facilities, and the official bank details for this institution.

Zeu Secondary School Location

Zeu Secondary School is found in Zombo District -Zeu, in Papoga Parish.

Zeu Secondary School Student Population

Student enrollment at Zeu Secondary School  stands at over 472 students. Here’s the breakdown;

  • Ordinary Level (O-Level): 464 students
  • Advanced Level (A-Level): 8 students.


Zeu Secondary School Available Facilities/Amenities

Zeu Secondary School has the following amenities/facilities accessible both to students and staff: with the following number of Classrooms, Laboratories, Libraries, and Latrine Stances.

  • Number of Classrooms: 11 Classrooms
  • Available Laboratories: 2 lab(s)
  • Number of Libraries: 0
  • Number of Latrine Stances: 18 Stances
  • Teachers Accomodation/ Housing Units: 0 Units

Zeu Secondary School Bank Account Details

  • Old Bank Account Name: 0
  • Bank Account Name: Zeu Secondary School
  • Account Number: 0140093639901
  • Bank: Stanbic Bank
  • Nebbi Branch

Zeu Secondary School 2020/2021 UCE /UACE Examinations Results

Here are the steps to follow in order to get the 2020/2021 UNEB’s UCE results, and the UACE national examinations results for Zeu Secondary School candidates.

How to Access the Zeu Secondary School 2020 UCE Exams Results on Mobile Gadgets via SMS

  1. Obtain and Write down the Zeu Secondary School 2020/2021 S4 candidate’s UCE Index Number. For example U1234/001.
  2. Go to your phone’s message (SMS), and write a new SMS in this format “UCE <space> Index No”, for instance, the SMS will look like: UCE U1234/001
  3. Now, send the above-writen SMS text to the number 6600.
  4. In no time, you should receive an SMS reply with the candidate’s 2020/2021 official UCE results.

Steps to Check the Zeu Secondary School 2020/2021 UACE Exams Results on Mobile via SMS

  1. Note down the Zeu Secondary School Senior 6 (S6) candidate’s 2020/2021 UNEB UACE Index Number. Let’s use this as an example: U1234/501.
  2. Go to your phone’s message (SMS), and start a new SMS as follows: “UCE <space> Index No”. Our example: UCE U1234/501
  3. Send the above SMS text to UNEB’s number 6600.
  4. You will receive an SMS with a confirmation of the candidate’s 2020/2021 UNEB UACE official results.

Procedure to Check the 2020/2021 UNEB Technical Institute TECH Results on Mobile via SMS

  1. Have the Technical Institute candidate’s TECH Index Number. Example: UT002/0001.
  2. Go to your phone’s message (SMS), and write a new SMS “TECH <space> Index Number”, Example: TECH UT002/0001
  3. Send the SMS text to UNEB’s number 6600.
  4. You’ll receive the candidate’s UNEB 2020/2021 Technical Institute official examinations results.

How to Check Zeu Secondary School 2020 UCE, UACE, TECH Results via Online Portal

1. On your internet browsers, type the UNEB eReg Portal, link (Click Here): https://ereg.uneb.ac.ug/results

UNEB Zeu  Secondary  School 2020 PLE Results Login Page.
UNEB Zeu Secondary School 2020 PLE Results Login Page./caption]2. On the page that opens, click on the “Login” link. (https://ereg.uneb.ac.ug/eresults/home/login.html)

3. Enter your login details: i.e “Username” and “Password”

4. On the Results Page, Enter your index number, such asU1234/501 or  123123/001, or UT002/0001.

5. Lastly, Click on Search. Then wait for your results to load on the next page.

Summary of Zeu Secondary School Details

  • Name of School: Zeu Secondary School
  • Number of Students Enrolled: 472
  • Ward/Parish: Papoga
  • District/Municipality: Zombo District
  • SubCounty/Town/Division: Zeu 
  • District/Municipality Code: 587- Zombo District
  • Country: Uganda

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