Sibanesezwe (Primary School) Location, Contacts – Zimbabwe

Sibanesezwe (Primary School) Location

Sibanesezwe (Primary School) Location, Contacts – Zimbabwe/caption]

Sibanesezwe is a Primary school located in Reigate District, in Bulawayo Province in Zimbabwe.

The school is officially registered by Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Education, as a Primary School in Reigate District, Zimbabwe.

Sibanesezwe (Primary School) Contacts in Zimbabwe

The registration contacts for Sibanesezwe are as follows:


Address: 136 Andrea Drive Romney Park Bulawayo, Reigate District, Bulawayo Province.

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Sibanesezwe  location/caption]

Location and Contacts Summary for Sibanesezwe 2020 ZIMSEC Grade 7 Examinations Results

Primary School Name: Sibanesezwe

SCHOOL LEVEL: Primary School
PROVINCE: Bulawayo
SCHOOL ADDRESS: 136 Andrea Drive Romney Park Bulawayo

How to Check the ZIMSEC 2020 Grade 7 Examinations Results for  Sibanesezwe (Primary School) 

Here are the necessary steps needed to view the 2020  Sibanesezwe Grade 7 ZIMSEC Examinations Results online. Kindly note that these instructions will only work to check the results for the 2020 November primary school candidates.

The 2020 ZIMSEC results for the Grade 7 candidates was released in the month of February 2021. According to  Zimbabwe School Examinations Council ZIMSEC the students, parents, and schools can view their results on the internet.

  • On your phone or computer with an internet connection, type the URL of the ZIMSEC portal or simply click on the following corresponding links to your primary school region or Province.
  • Click on the corresponding link and register. Once registered login using the new details

Zimbabwe Region Province    Portal to use (click below)

  1. R1 and R6: Harare Province, and Masvingo Province: Click
  2. R2 and R5: Manicaland (Mutare) Province, and Midlands Province: Click:
  3. R4, R9 & R10: Bulawayo Province, Matabeleland South Province, and Matabeleland North Province Click:
  4. R3, R7 & R8: Mashonaland West Province, Mashonaland Central Province, and Mashonaland East Province: Click:

A ZIMSEC web page will open, and you’ll see the following image;

Enter the details needed so as to register, before you can view your zimsec 2020 results.

Tips: For Sibanesezwe, search on this website to get the center code numbers: and then with the candidate’s number and other details, enter them on the zimsec portal link provided.

To view the results for the entire Primary School, click on the center login link, then follow the prompts.

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