Shine Star ECD Centre Location and Contacts – Zimbabwe

Shine Star Ecd Centre Location

Shine Star Ecd Centre Location, Contacts – Zimbabwe/caption]

Shine Star Ecd Centre is an ECD Centre located in Goromonzi District, in Mashonaland East Province in Zimbabwe.

The school is officially registered by Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Education, as a School in Goromonzi District, Zimbabwe.

Shine Star Ecd Centre  Contacts in Zimbabwe

The registration contacts for Shine Star Ecd Centre are as follows:

Shine Star Ecd Centre,

Address: 188 Juru Township Juru Goromonzi, Goromonzi District, Mashonaland East Province.

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Location and Contacts Summary for Shine Star Ecd Centre

School Name: Shine Star Ecd Centre

DISTRICT: Goromonzi
PROVINCE: Mashonaland East
SCHOOL ADDRESS: 188 Juru Township Juru Goromonzi


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