The times require us to prioritize education, Archbishop Muzeeyi urges believers

The Archbishop of the Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Jeronymos Muzeeyi

Orthodox believers have been urged by the Archbishop of the Orthodox Church of Uganda, Metropolitan Jeronymos Muzeeyi, to prioritize education as one of the means to enable the development of the mother church in the country.

Muzeeyi made these remarks while addressing believers, during his tour at St. Mary of Egypt Monastery at Monde – Wobulenzi in Luwero district on Sunday, April 10, 2022.

“I urge all our school-going children to prioritize education because the times have changed. The world is moving at terrific speed, so education will be integral to the development of our church. This does not exclude the clergy. When am here, to count, I need to see this is Doctor so and so, Professor so and so,” Said Metropolitan Muzeeyi.

This ascension to different educational levels, according to Muzeeyi, will present the church and the country at large to serve them.

“If you have a diploma go and get a Bachelor’s degree, if you have a degree, go for a Masters. And the one with Masters, please when opportunities arise you stand a chance in this competitive world,” advised Muzeeyi.

On that, the Church celebrated St.Mary of Egypt feast day at St. Antonio’s Parish church at the same hill, Monde-Wobulenzi with the Holy Liturgy led by Bishop Kabuye.

While presiding over the liturgy, Bishop Kabuye implored believers to keep confessing their sins to God, who he said, is open to forgiving and saving them.

“We should take the life example of St. Mary of Egypt because at the tender age of twelve she started engaging in Prostitution for 17 years. After this period, God’s power manifested to her when she wanted to enter a church in Alexandria, Egypt and was blocked in all three attempts. After analyzing her life she opted to give her life to God and started Monasteric life for 47 years,” Kabuye said.

After it was started in 2001 at Anoonya Orthodox Centre, St Mary Monastery was later transferred to Monde in 2006 under the guidance of the late Metropolitan Jonah Lwanga.

It has since progressed tremendously with St Mary’s Monde Primary School and the orphanage center which are under the leadership of Sr Maria Mubiru.

On Sunday, April 17, the Orthodox Christians will be celebrating Palm Sunday and then Easter on April 24, 2022.

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