How to create a flawless YouTube tutorial

YouTube is the modern day school. There are countless people that have learned and harnessed new skills through YouTube tutorials, and that’s helped lots of the creators make a fair amount of money and promote themselves there.

If that’s the same thing you want, this article will advise you on the things you have to do in order to get people to watch and learn from your YouTube tutorials.

1. Make a catchy intro

YouTube is a very busy street, and people have lots of options. Therefore, you have to give them a reason to stay hooked onto your tutorial. Here are some tips for a great introduction;

  • Mention the purpose of the video
  • Hint at what the viewers should expect
  • Talk about the results they should expect

Some creators make the mistake of making an extremely wordy introduction until they realize that they can’t retain any viewer. This is why you should plan the introduction so well.

2. Talk about your portfolio

This is usually a part of the introduction, but I decided to list it as a point of its own because it’s extremely important. For most people making lifestyle videos, their work history and qualifications aren’t necessary – but that’s not the same for you.

Therefore, you should talk about your qualifications, the projects or things you’ve built and that will get the viewers comfortable throughout the video.

Note: Many internet users are aware of the fact that there’s a lot of wrong information, and that’s why you have to make them feel secure.

3. Get straight to the point

Once you’ve finished giving your killer introduction, you have to dive right in and start discussing your topics in detail.

I don’t know how much I need to stress this, but people can click or scroll away the moment you make them feel like your video is wasting their time.

4. Structure it chronologically

Just like in school, you have to start with the basics before you get into the difficult details. Sometimes, you might want to teach a fraction of the viewers who already have a clue – but there’s so many viewers who are beginners with no basic knowledge.

5. Demonstrate

Whether you’re teaching about baking, tailoring or programming, you can’t retain your viewers if you don’t demonstrate what you’re doing. Below are some of the advantages of demonstration;

  • Explains the concept to your students in greater detail than words
  • Your viewers can imitate what you’re doing and learn fast
  • It proves that you actually know what you’re talking about

Take this as the first test immediately after you’ve told people that you’re experienced. Showing will always be better than telling.

6. Don’t equivocate

Yeah, now this is a very common temptation for almost everyone. Even if you outlined your points in an orderly manner, there’s that one point at which your explanation might become extremely verbose.

Blurting out unnecessary details is one thing that will get your viewers to click away from the video or get bored.

7. Edit your snippets flawlessly

Through a one-hour long tutorial, you’ll not record for a full hour. It’s actually better to record snippets for every sub-topic you cover. Afterwards, you’ll edit and combine them together.

Even though it might be hard, you have to join them in a way that will make them rhyme together.

8. Write a perfect description and title

After you’re done making the video, you should write a brief but definitive description about your video. The title and description will help YouTube in recommending your video to as many users as possible, thus enhancing the growth of you channel.

Besides Search Engine Optimization (SEO), there are some viewers who love to read the description before they go further with the video.

9. Add timestamps

Remember when I said you should start with the basics? Timestamps are a YouTube function that allows you to mark the exact part of a video where a certain topic starts.

There are some of your viewers who will want to skip through the things they already know and get to what they don’t know. That’s why you should add timestamps in your description to make sure of that.

10. Recommend other channels with equally relevant information

For the sake of the credibility of your channel, there are several channels that you have to recommend so that your viewers can get the same information explained differently.

This will win the trust of your viewers, even though it might seem like you’re sending your customers to buy from another shop.


YouTube is just like any other business out there, meaning it needs a fair amount of time and effort to get to the level you want. This implies that you have to be persistent but also patient in your approach in order to get the growth that you deserve.

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