How the world gains from innovation

Innovation is the introduction of something new to an environment. This, I personally describe as putting a twist to what has been ‘normally’. Innovation is necessary in every sector/ industry in the world, and that’s precisely why we all have this kind of technology right now.

So many creative people hold themselves back from putting their ideas to life, usually because they’re afraid of being wrong or making mistakes. If you’re one of them, then this article is for you. Here are the advantages of innovation;

1. Creates solutions to problems

Problems never end. The world is just like that, and that’s why innovation comes in handy.  Over decades and centuries, people have been inventing solutions to the world’s problems including;

  • Healthcare solutions
  • Communication means
  • Transport solutions
  • Education advancement

The more such solutions are invented, the easier life gets over time – and that explains the sophisticated tech advancements we have these days.

2. Adds value to existing things

To be honest, the world has gotten to where it is because of the fact that people always add something to what they find. In this sense though, innovation is the reason why companies grow from the lowest level and create a huge positive change to the society.

This is why the greatest companies we have I place have all discovered and innovated a solution to a common problem.

3. Creates opportunities for people

If all people just went to college, got the necessary qualifications and then waited for the government to provide jobs, humanity would be in dire crisis. But thanks to innovation, many opportunities have been created including;

  • New jobs created
  • Employment opportunities for people that are innovative
  • Many people create and sell ideas to big companies for a huge profit

Due to the creation of employment and business opportunities, the poverty levels start to decrease dramatically, thanks to innovation.

4. Strengthens connections between people

From walking long distances to vehicles, and from using pigeons to mobile phones, the world has become more and more connected with the power of innovation through;

  • Easing of transport means through the introduction of motor vehicles, planes, etcetera
  • Enhanced communication with mobile computerized devices
  • Boundless communication with social media platforms

So many innovations have been made possible by the simple fact that the barriers to connection between people have been weakened with time.

5. Extending services to more people

Way back, people that lived in rural areas used to miss out or have incredibly small amounts of development. As a result, so many people left these areas for the cities.

Due to the increased rates of innovation, so many people have been able to access lots of services in rural areas that include;

  • Education
  • Proper communication avenues
  • Electrification

6. Making things cheaper

In 2013, the price of a Nokia Asha was way higher than two basic Tecno Camon 11 smartphones, yet they are much more functional than the former. You know what that means? Innovation at supersonic speed! In addition to smartphones, we have;

  • Common commodities because of the reduced cost of production due to automation
  • Cars
  • Computers
  • Books

Because everything is now produced at faster and more efficient rates, the world is becoming a better and far safer place to live – all thanks to innovation.

7. Improving education

The perfect example is our perfect generation where it is the easiest to access education and informative resources, explaining why many are benefitting from educating people through means like;

  • Online courses
  • E-learning in schools
  • Free tutorials
  • Blog posts

In the modern day, many people have been able to land high value jobs with large companies and cash in large sums of money.

8. Makes life easier

As technology advances and people innovate more, life becomes far simpler. This is because people have innovated solutions like;

  • Automation of repetitive and heavy tasks
  • People using machines to get the work done, thus reducing labor
  • Deliveries

This makes it easier for people to earn money even with the slightest of efforts, and provides basis for people to innovate more.

Final thoughts;

I love to believe that everyone has some extent of creative abilities, but the society in which we are, plays a huge role as far as fostering creativity and innovation is concerned. That’s precisely why we don’t have so many ideas in developing countries, because almost everyone is working to survive.

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