8 types of students that teachers dislike.

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When I was a student, all I thought about when a teacher didn’t like me was one thing. They were probably just envious of my style. But honestly, I was just as conceited as any young person would be. Growing and stepping into a teacher’s shoes gives you a whole new perspective.

It’s really hard standing in front of a classroom and dealing with students from all kinds of upbringing and backgrounds, and having to put up with, let alone change their behavior. Below are the examples of students that teachers really don’t like.

1. The Lazy one

Who loves to hang around a lazy person? Absolutely nobody. In every class, there will always be that one student that doesn’t want to get anything done. And even if they want to work on their assignment or anything meaningful, laziness is so deep in their veins.

Teachers are just human, and they also lose it when faced with such students. one of the biggest fears of a teacher in such a situation is whether other students will be influenced to be the same.

2. The sleeping beauty

Students can always doze during any session, under certain circumstances like afternoon heat, having eaten too much food, certain medicine effects, sickness, boring class or just a habit.

When does it become a habit? When this one student starts dozing during the first 30 minutes of the lesson.

It really sucks, and it’s hard not to take it personally, because it almost implies that your class is boring.

If it persists, some teachers call these students out and reprimand them sarcastically, or let them be, but teachers usually don’t like such students.

3. Late comers

In every school and class, there’s always a few people that don’t have a strong bond with their clocks. They come late, then immediately start to disrupt others while trying to catch up with what’s already been taught.

Some teachers depending on the school, won’t hide their distaste for these students, and will immediately call them out, punish them, prohibit entry for all latecomers, while others will just let them be.

4. Smart nerd.

All teachers love it when students ask questions because;

  • It shows that the student is paying attention
  • It helps the teacher explain everything, including what would’ve been left untouched.
  • Helps other timid students get answers to questions they were afraid to ask.

 However, there are some students that read ahead of the prescribed lesson and ask questions about topics that haven’t been discussed yet, sometimes even confusing their fellow students.

Teachers usually perceive these as show-offs who want to show their classmates that they understand better than them.

5. The slow learner

Before you take this phrase out of context, there are many students out there that find problems grasping hard concepts, and this is no problem at all.

However, there are others that won’t understand what you teach, and yet they won’t even do research study during their free time or even take part in their free time.

This is such a toxic trait that many teachers will often find unbearable.

6. The excuse giver

Remember the lazy student, the latecomer and other vices, all those might not get under your skin more than the excuse giver.

Some students have mastered the art of making excuses for everything they have and haven’t done. It’s just in them. Surprisingly, sometimes they’ll give the lamest of excuses and expect you to believe them or simply let them go.

The one disadvantage of these students is, other students will usually rally behind them in case they’re all doing something wrong, in hopes that they will be the entire group’s lawyer.

7. The bully

Not only the teacher, but also the students hate bullies. Bullying is a global school problem and it causes issues like;

  • Bullied students tend to lose focus
  • Depression and stress among bullied students
  • Suicide in extreme cases
  • Accidental injuries/ murder of victims
  • Temporary closing of some schools.

No teacher loves bullies. Absolutely not. Yet they always tend to reveal themselves even in the classroom. In my opinion, bullies always need psychological assistance or dismissal from the school.

However, teachers totally dislike bullies.

8. The joker

Some students are really funny. Having a student who throws in a joke or two during the right time, is golden. However, it’s hard for some students to do the right timing, especially if they get excited.

Some of them actually do it mockingly, with an intention of disrupting their fellow students.

You can easily tolerate this kind of student the first and second time they jest, but you’ll soon run out of patience.


The recent pandemic that forced all parents to be with their children for an indefinite amount of time made one thing perfectly clear. Teachers can handle children better than most parents. Actually, parents realized they had much more work to than they thought before. Bottom line is, parents have to work along with teachers to make sure they shape the traits of their children.

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