How going to university is a confidence booster.

You might not know this, but confidence on the inside is so much influenced by external factors and what has been happening to you over a given period of time. There are so many people out there that have college degrees but have no jobs yet, and they even start up small businesses to make a living.

However, they do this all with confidence, to the point that whether they get a job or not, it doesn’t make a difference in their composure and self-confidence. In this article, we are looking at what makes them confident when they attend college.

1. Qualifications

Nothing makes someone feel confident and proud like knowing that they have what it takes to get to where they want in life. The importance of these respective qualifications varies according to social setting.

However, regardless of whether they have landed the job they wanted or not, they remain confident to even apply for jobs that aren’t in their qualifications, like;

  • Research and fieldwork
  • Enumeration/ vote counting
  • Mass sensitization
  • Marketing
  • Teaching

Their confidence in this case is what enables them to fit in jobs that aren’t too technical, especially if they are successfully hired in that case.

2. Physical growth

Growing up physically and maturing might be overlooked in importance, but it is extremely vital in the following;

  • You observe other people’s challenges and possibly learn from them
  • Exploring your options before you embark on them
  • Learning to analyze situations and make better choices in life

Unlike a few of those that face the world immediately after high school and are taught the hard way by life’s tough situations, college students have enough time to view life through the window as they grow and analyze other people’s challenges.

3. Purpose and sense of direction

Due to the time one spends undergoing college education, there are lots of things you get to try out and fail, examine, evaluate your stance on certain things.

This means you have almost enough time to sit down and imagine exactly how you want your life to go, unlike others that have their path determined by circumstance.

With thorough planning and evaluation, you get out of college with a definite plan on how you’ll make it through the toughest challenges.

4. Interaction with people

Of all things that make people more confident, socializing stays at the top of them all. Here’s how it makes you confident;

  • You become a better speaker, by knowing what to say and when to say it
  • Silence doesn’t feel awkward if you’re used to socializing
  • It’s easy for you to convince people
  • Presentation and public speaking aren’t that hard for you

While at college, students go through situations where they have to interact with their colleagues, lecturers, and other people, which drives the fear out of them. They include;

  • Discussion groups
  • Research projects
  • Debates
  • Parties and/ or functions
  • Internships

5. Broader connections

In relation to interaction with people, connections are built while at college, or at least college offers the chance for students to form and broaden their connections. Here’s how;

  • Interaction with students, lecturers, leaders etc
  • Political volatility in universities especially the government-aided universities
  • Internships
  • A chance to compete academically, because the best students usually attract more people towards them

Having broad connections puts you in the middle of opportunities, so that sometimes you won’t even have to ask people for favors, they’ll just connect you to them right away.

6. You know your limits

Going through college gives you a better understanding of the things you can and cannot do, and that can have the following benefits;

  • You know where to focus your energy
  • You know the things you can’t do
  • Finding ways to get other people to do the things you can’t
  • Learning how to push past the limitations

Yes, we’ve always been told that we can do and be anything and everything we want, but that’s all a lie. Limits exist and whether we like to admit it or not, they determine what we will achieve and where we will fail.

In many cases, people who wanted to go to college but failed, really have this terrible behavior of trying to do everything so they can prove to themselves and everyone else that they can don what a college graduate can.

Final thoughts;

In the modern day, going to college is becoming less and less important especially now that we have tons and tons of cheap and free online courses that are even more effective sometimes. Therefore, your attitude could be the only thing that is stopping you from achieving what you want, because college graduates might not have anything more than just their confidence.

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