Top performing districts in Ugandan academics

Seeta High School in Wakiso District

Uganda’s education sector has seen a great improvement and now, there’s a high competition between districts from all regions of the country. This has led to a constant change in who leads the table every year, and that’s a good sign.

However, there are some unbeatable districts that have always led the table, or had the most schools on the top 100 list. This is particularly because of the good schools in these districts, as ranked on the list below;

  1. Wakiso

Every Ugandan knows that Wakiso district is like the epicenter of education in Uganda. This is because it has a plethora of schools, a very stiff competition and a record of always having the leading schools.

  • Kings College Budo
  • St Lawrence schools
  • St Mary’s SS Kitende
  • Mbogo High school
  • St Mark’s College Namagoma
  • Kampala

Being the capital city of Uganda, you shouldn’t be surprised it’s coming in  the second place. Kampala is filled with schools that have first class facilities and access to some of the best teachers. These schools usually charge a premium for termly school fees. They include;

  • Old Kampala SSS
  • Mengo SS
  • Lubiri SSS
  • Gems Cambridge international
  • Mukono

Mukono is one of the fastest growing cities in Uganda. This is partly because it’s a very close neighbor to Kampala – meaning every benefit in Kampala spills over to Mukono. Below are some of the best schools.

  • Seeta High school
  • Mpoma Royal
  • Mt St Henry’s High School
  • Bishop’s senior sch
  • Masaka

Being large and highly populated, Masaka has grown to reach the best education standards yet, due to the rapid construction of schools and the existent competition. It is home to the following schools;

  • Masaka SS
  • Nyendo Mixed SS
  • Masaka school of nursing and health sciences
  • Mbarara

One of the most dominant cities in the West, Mbarara is home to so many schools and is developing rapidly, thus attracting a large number of people from other areas.

  • Mbarara High school
  • Maryhill High school
  • Alliance Secondary school
  • Jinja

As the most industrial city in Uganda, Jinja attracts a large population, thus necessitating the need of good schools. Also, it’s been home to many schools many decades ago. They include;

  • Jinja SSS
  • Victoria Nile school
  • Makerere University Business School Jinja Campus
  • Mpigi

Mpigi district is connected to Masaka and Wakiso districts. This means there are so many people that spilled over there. Here are the schools;

  • Mpigi SSS
  • St john’s College Mpigi
  • Pride College school
  • Fort Portal

Fort Portal is the best district in the Tooro sub-region. It’s growing so fast and attracting massive investment into education. Some of its schools include;

  • Mpanga SSS
  • Fort Portal SS
  • Kyebambe Girls SS
  • Luweero

After the National Resistance Army war in 1986, Luweero district attracted the attention of the government and stakeholders to rejuvenate and make it even better. Its schools are some of the fastest-improving in terms of academic performance. They include;

  • Luweero High School
  • Shammah High school
  • Everest College
  1. Hoima

Very soon, the city of oil will be among the top 5. This is because since the discovery of oil, elevation to city status and construction of an airport, the city is attracting landslide development. Some of its schools include;

  • Mandela SS
  • Hoima SS


The education sector keeps growing, and soon enough, you’ll find so many new and good schools in some seemingly embryonic schools. That’s the beauty of this kind of competition beause in the end, everyone wins.

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