How to achieve your fitness goals as a teacher

Fitness is good for everyone, and much as many people these days don’t want to admit it, it plays a huge role in the health and efficiency of anyone in their life. Deciding to work out is a key idea and It can have the following benefits;

  • Makes you healthier
  • Enables the brain to function properly
  • Gives you energy to start and make it through the day
  • Helps you become more disciplined

Deciding to workout can take a huge toll on your comfort zone, and it won’t be pleasant at all. However, it is the daily decision to push through these barriers that defines you. This article discusses how you can get above your emotions and workout every day to achieve your fitness goals.

1. Tell a few colleagues about it

I know this sounds counterintuitive, but there’s a lot that you can achieve if you tell a few others about it. Here’s how;

  • Their doubt fuels your motivation
  • Your fear of seeming weak and unserious motivates you even more
  • Knowing that you’re not the only one that will be disappointed by your failure is motivation enough
  • Seeking to inspire your peers also drives you
  • Friends can directly motivate you to work out

In this modern age, telling people about your most important and rather sensitive goals is highly discouraged, but it can have an upside if you’re choosy with the people you tell.

2. Make your purpose clear

Once your purpose of working out is absolutely clear to you, you can endure any challenge along the way and remain positive about it. What’s your purpose?

  • Losing weight
  • Gaining muscle
  • Qualifying to join the army
  • Health purposes
  • Having better sex

Any purpose, as long as it drives you to get off your butt, is strong. As a teacher, you realize you might not have enough time at hand, so this is almost entirely sacrificial.

3. Get a gym membership

The thing with working out is, someone has to guide you. Signing up for a gym membership doesn’t mean you’ll be a part of them until you die. It just helps you as follows;

  • Teaching you different exercises that you’ll do by yourself in the future
  • Getting you started
  • Protecting you from health hazards that come from working out too much at the beginning
  • Keeping you motivated

If this Is expensive, many Ugandan gyms accept payments for everyday that you go there and work out.

4. Fit it into your schedule

You’re a busy person, and that’s exactly why you need a schedule for every activity you consider adding to your life. Adding it to your schedule will enable you;

  • Make time for it
  • Develop it into a habit
  • Force yourself to do it even when you don’t feel like it

 So many people have decided that they’ll start working out and they set pretty aggressive fitness goals, but failed because they didn’t decide to turn it into a routine activity.

5. Find out ways to work out from home

There are sometimes – actually many times that you won’t be able to hit the gym. You’re busy but you really want to work out. Here are some tips;

  • Learn what kind of exercises you can do without equipment
  • Download home workout apps
  • Buy the materials (dumbbells, barbells, bench, jump rope, etc)

Once you figure out a way to work out from home, you are left with no more excuses, and you can exercise from anywhere.

6. Get fitness gear

These include the right clothes, shoes, shin and elbow guards, etcetera. This might seem like too much work, but here are the benefits;

  • They insulate you from possible mild injuries, like the shin guards and gloves
  • Put you in the mood for a good work out
  • You become more organized, as your normal clothes won’t be involved in workouts

7. Keep track of your progress

If you don’t measure it, you don’t know it. This applies in business and other areas alike. As long as you have a goal, you have no choice but to keep track of it because;

  • It helps you know how far you have gone
  • Helps you notice your setbacks
  • You think of a solution real quick

The best way to measure your progress along the fitness journey is by weighing and checking your pulse on a consistent basis.

8. Don’t compromise even once

Everyone’s workout journey has been ended by the one time that they decided to miss – and yes, they had a very good and sensible reason.

However, compromising once is like providing an easy way out whenever we feel tired or lazy, and that’s bad for the workout business.

9. Join school sports

Your school probably has co-curricular activities including sports. It’s just once in a while that you’ll get the chance to participate in school sports and you have to seize it.

The wonders that one football match will do for your heart are immense, and you don’t have to miss them as soon as you get the opportunity.


Working out isn’t a punishment, even though it’s hard. There are lots of things you have to change in order to do it successfully, and there’s a lot that it will do for you as well. Therefore, you have to want It bad enough and be aggressive as well so you can get it.

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