Top 10 kindergartens in Kampala

In this generation where parents are usually too busy to take care of their children, they are taken to school by the time they are 3 years old. While doing this, parents want to always make sure that they have taken their children to a place where they will be safe. Here are some of the top qualities they are looking for;

  • Good facilities with safe and clean places
  • Ample space for their children to play
  • Good teachers to help them grasp
  • Tolerant teachers, because kids can be a mess sometimes
  • Good feeding.

The list below, therefore, is based on rates and reviews from parents and guardians that have tried these kindergartens and found what they were looking for or were rather disappointed.

1. Aga Khan Nursery school

With a primary goal of creating a harmonious balance between academic life, sporting, cultural activities, and community life, the Aga Khan Education Services (AKES) have established many schools in numerous countries.

Their nursery school has a large expanse of state of the art facilities that give kids a good environment to adapt and prepare their minds for the elementary level that’s ahead of them.

According to many parents, this is the perfect pre-school for their children.

2. Disney Kindergarten

Besides an attractive name, this kindergarten has huge facilities, and the fact that they have specialized in kindergarten makes them great.

Parents have highly praised the school, because kids are safe there, excellent teaching skills, and outstandingly impressive handling of kids. What else would a parent want?

Lucky for the administrators, they are located within Muyenga, the rich people’s neighborhood. This means they can charge a well-deserving premium to maintain their services.

3. Kampala Kindergarten Association

This is one of the very first kindergartens in Uganda, and it has continued to maintain its standards as the center of excellence.

To parents, this school has consistently lived up to their expectations, because most of them got to know about it through friends.

One of its great features is the support of extracurricular activities like sports, especially swimming.

4. Ambrosoli International School

Ambrosoli international school has widely been acknowledged for promoting creativity, curiosity, and global awareness through an inspiring, broad, and engaging curriculum.

The school accommodates children from the ages of 2, and due to their keen care and handling of children, parents have ranked the school as one of the best international schools in the country.

5. Little Cranes Montessori Kindergarten Bugolobi

Located along Luthuli Avenue, it is the perfect display point for all middle-class people in the area.

For more than 25 years, the kindergarten has established itself as one of the most trusted places for parents to take their children and rest assured of their safety

As for the parents and kids, the school is popular because they have a large stock of toys, to ensure that children can play as much as they want when it’s time to.

6. GEMS Cambridge International School

With the annual fees threshold being 6,000 USD, GEMS offers high-quality education to children right from pre-school through the entire primary school and high school curriculums.

With its strategic location along Butabika road, the school has been built on the success and legacy of GEMS Cambridge schools in Dubai and UAE.

7. Victorious Nursery and Primary School

Almost everyone that lives in Kampala has seen the Victorious nursery and primary school buses somewhere.

Besides the fact that your child will return safe and sound, they also have good teachers and well-gazetted facilities for your child to learn and play.

8. Acorns International School

Acorns international school is an authorized international baccalaureate primary years program school. It accommodates children from ages 2-18to.

With a perfect strategic location along the Northern bypass, the school has spacious premises that are enough to accommodate children of all ages.
More to that, they highly promote extracurricular activities including sports like basketball, football, and swimming.

9. Elyon Kindergarten and Primary School

Elyon Kindergarten and Primary school is located in Kampala along Mutungo road, Biina. The school’s nursery section ensures that your child is taken good care of, including perfect classes, good feeding, and extracurricular activities, especially music, dance, and drama.

10. Good Mummy Nursery School

Even though many kindergartens in Uganda have used this name, Good Mummy Nursery School in Mengo, Kampala is one of the best Kindergartens in Kampala, offering the best care to children at pocket-friendly rates.

Although these schools are on this list, there are many other good kindergartens. Besides that, schools have become a massively popular investment, and this is where many rich people have decided to place their bets. The good thing about that is competition because everyone then strives to have the best of what every parent is looking for, which means parents will benefit.

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