Top 10 music schools in Uganda (based on reviews)

The entertainment industry in Uganda is mainly represented by the music industry. After the massive success of a lot of musicians that had gone through no training whatsoever, it inspired the mass foundation of music schools in Uganda. Here are qualities of a good music school;

  • Having great teachers, who have had a rich musical history
  • Possessing a plethora of instruments for practice
  • Selling instruments to students who need some
  • Using the latest Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
  • Awarding academic accolades to the students eg certificates and diplomas
  • Teaching a multitude of courses eg singing, production, drumming, Deejaying as long as they are related to music
  •  Having successful alumni in the music industry

The list below ranks the best music schools in Uganda in relation to the qualities mentioned above. It doesn’t mean that every school on this list has all the above qualities. However, they’re close to having all.

1. Esom school of music

This is the leading music school in  the country, with courses across all music-related careers including instruments, vocals, production and deejaying. It is located on Namirembe Hill, along Rubaga road.

2. Sounds international Kampala Uganda, vocational music training

3. Brass for Africa school of music

Brass for Africa offers training to over 1,000 disadvantaged students, and is one of the best music schools in Uganda. It is located in Nsambya, a Kampala suburb.

4. The triangle, center for music and the arts

The Triangle offers courses in Voice, piano, Guitar, music theory courses etcetera. They are located along Sentema junction in Kampala.

5. Proline film academy

While putting their main emphasis on video production, Proline film academy also provides a chance for students to learn music. It is located along Katwe road, on Byandala Complex.

6. Africa institute of Music

This is a Christian college that is committed to all forms of performance arts including music and drama in Africa. It is located in Lubiwa, Kampala next to Mildmay health Center.

7. SEAL talent development Centre

This group of performance arts professionals is located on Nkrumah Road, Kampala where they train and qualify students in music and dramatic stage performance.

8. Kampala music school, Bunga

For motivated students of all ages and academic qualifications, Kampala Music school provides a wide range of music courses. It is located in Bunga along Ggaba road in Kampala.

9. Uganda Music academy, UMAC

UMAC is located along Ntinda road, aimed at providing a quick fix for the potential students in and around Kampala city.

10. Kampala international school, Uganda

Being one of the best international schools in Uganda, it offers a wide range of courses including music. It is located in Kyebando along Kisalosalo road.


All these schools are ideally a good choice for any student seeking to learn as much as they can about music and jumpstart their careers in music with this knowledge. However, the success of the student depends on the effort and hard work they put into their course.

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