10 most recommended primary schools in Uganda

Budo Junior school

Being on top of the results table for just one year is easy, compared to building a reputation based on consistent performance. In addition to that, people often theorize that young private schools pay large sums to media houses to have them published. But first, let’s look at why schools usually fail to gain a good reputation;

  • Failure to maintain their academic performance.
  • Short time of existence
  • Low standards of living for the pupils e.g bad feeding
  • No extracurricular activities.

This, therefore takes us to the list below that contains those few outliers that have almost the exact opposite of the above weaknesses. This is why they have always been recommended by parents, alumni and any other regular people.

1. Budo Junior School

This prestigious school has been in existence for over half a century since its inception in 1958, and has trained lots and lots of people that have turned into great citizens. Below are the reasons why it comes first on the list of the most recommended schools;

  • Consistent academic performance.
  • Long time of existence
  • Large and beautiful facilities
  • Anglican Church affiliation.
  • Cultural and government ties
  • Large and prosperous alumni communities
  • Rich history
  • Participation in extracurricular activities.

Every school has seen its own fair share of good and bad times, but Budo Junior School has made sure to always make it out to the other side, the resilience that has turned it into the incredible giant that it is right now.

2. Mugwanya Preparatory school, Kabojja

This Catholic school was founded by the Catholic brothers of Christian Instruction in 1960 in Kampala on Old Masaka Road. This school comes in second place because of the following reasons

  • Catholic ties
  • Long time of existence
  • Consistent academic excellence
  • Extracurricular activities, especially sports
  • Huge alumni community

This school has stayed balanced between academics and sports, therefore being recommended by so many parents and alumni.

3. St. Savio  Junior School Kisubi.

The school was founded by the Catholic Brothers of Christian Instruction in 1954, making it 68 years old. On top of that, it has a great reputation and has built trust among parents and the general performance. Here below are the reasons why it is such a gem.

  • Catholic church affiliation.
  • Consistent outstanding performance in academics.
  • Large and beautiful facilities to favor all student activities
  • Successful and influential alumni
  • Adoption of ICT, like an app to keep parents in touch with school activities.

With all these qualities, St Savio continues to be one of the leading primary schools in the country.

4. Sir Apollo  Kaggwa primary school

Sir Apollo Kaggwa Primary school is a mixed primary school founded in 2006. Since then, it’s maintained a certain popularity among parents and students, because of the following reasons;

  • Excellent academic performance
  • Enviable student conduct.
  • State of the art  facilities
  • Modernization of education.

The school has extended and created more campuses in the Central region, making it one of the most popular primary schools in Uganda.

5. Victorious nursery and primary school

Since its establishment in 1999, Victorious Education Services actually has become more of a company than a school, with 3 campuses in Kampala and 1 in Mukono. Below is why this school is widely recommended

  • Growing academic performance
  • Standard facilities
  • Good transport/ logistics, with enough buses
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Fostering talent
  • Modernization and computer training of kids at an early age.

With a consistent academic performance on top of all this, Victorious will soon become one of the best schools in the country.

6. Kampala Parents school

Founded in 1975 against the will of former president Idi Amin, and later purchased by Indian tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia, Kampala parents school is one of the premium private schools in Kampala and Uganda at large because of;

  • Large and spacious premises
  • Great academic performance of pupils
  • Conformity to international standards
  • Prioritization of sports including football, swimming, basketball

This school is one of those that you’ll rarely find in the newspapers top 10, but you’ll see the crème de la crème of their alumni everywhere.

7. Greenhill academy primary school

Greenhill academy has, for a while, built itself into an academic giant, with over 5,000 students in their nursery, primary and secondary schools in total. It was started in 1994 with only a handful of students. Here’s why the school is highly popular.

  • Outstanding teachers
  • Maintenance of good academic performance
  • Promotion of extracurricular activities

Many people have been attracted by the fact that some of the school’s teachers have been hired to contribute to the weekly Pass PLE issue by Bukedde newspapers.

8. Hillside primary school, Naalya

This 40 year old mixed primary school has built and maintained a name, becoming one of the most trusted primary schools in the country right now.

Besides the obvious excellent academic performance, the school has been praised for producing well nurtured children, with perfect discipline. This however has been attributed to allegations of corporal punishments by some people.

This, however, doesn’t bar the school from being one of the very best the country has to offer.

9. GEMS Cambridge international school

For lovers of international schools, GEMS Cambridge International School is one of the best choices, because of the following;

  • Fairly affordable fees structure
  • Consistent academic performance
  • Some of the best teachers.

GEMS international, has facilities located on a large expanse, giving room to students from the age of 2-18

10. Kampala International School Uganda

Formerly named Bukoto International school, Kampala International School Uganda has continued to nurture students in intellectual, talent oriented, and ethical avenues since its establishment in 1993.

By the time it started, it had only 67 students, but now it harbors over 400 students of both natives and foreigners.


The schools in the list above, are definitely not the only good schools in Uganda. Education has been highly transformed, and so your choices here arent limited. Also, need certain conditions to thrive, and they might not be in the best school. Therefore, it all depends on your child.

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